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How is Oura Different?

Oura combines advanced sensor technology with in-depth, personalized analysis to give you insights straight from the source: your body. With detailed feedback on your sleep, activity, and readiness, you can achieve your goals—no matter the size.

More than a wearable, Oura is your personal wellness advisor.

Ring and Sensors

Oura measures body signals that provide personal insights through a slim titanium ring that’s water-resistant up to 100m, has a battery life of up to one week, and is finished with a diamond-like carbon coating—blending accuracy and style with comfort.

Because Oura is a ring and not a wristband, it more accurately measures sleep, beating all other consumer wearables. This is because your pulse is stronger in your finger, and Oura’s sensors sit right against the digit of your choice.

Add to this that Oura’s sensors are different from those used by the majority of devices. Most wearables only capture information from the capillaries at the skin’s surface through green light LED sensors, while Oura uses red infrared sensors to penetrate deeper, straight to your finger’s arteries.

Infrared sensors are highly effective, but they are also highly sensitive to movement, which makes Oura the ideal wearable for monitoring your sleep.

Oura’s red infrared sensors have an additional benefit; they provide accurate readings for people of all skin tones, something green LED sensors struggle with.

Combine these high-fidelity arterial pulse readings with body temperature and movement readings, and you have a well-stocked arsenal of bodily knowledge—giving you the power to manage your wellness and nurture your health.

Add to this knowledge by learning more about how your body and your sleep work, and you will be unstoppable.


Oura borrows information from your heart, skin, and body movements, and translates them into personalized daily insights.

Oura provides specific data on both your daytime movement and night-time body signals (i.e., time spent in each sleep phase, resting heart rate, and more) and wraps it all up into three simple categories: Readiness, Sleep, and Activity.

Because everyone is unique, comparing your own body’s signals, like resting heart rate (RHR), to other people’s signals won’t do much for you. What matters is your normal RHR, and your fluctuation above or below your norm. Over time, as Oura learns more, you will get more specific insights and guidance, such as a recommended bedtime window derived from your sleep quality and patterns.

Each day, you’ll see scores for all three categories—giving you a snapshot of what’s going on under the hood. With these insights, you’ll have what you need to manage your day, analyze your internal patterns, and adjust your habits. Over time, you’ll have a direct line to the inside—keeping you in tune with the internal to better manage the external.

Socrates told us “Know Thyself.” Rumi urged “Go find yourself.” For millennia, one important lesson has remained constant: all that’s good stems from self knowledge.

Oura is here to carry the torch and bring that message into the modern world—where distractions are ever growing and time for self reflection is scarce. Take the time to listen to your body, understand it, make adjustments, and “know thyself” a little better with each passing day.

Personalized Insights

Oura Ring
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