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Non Invasive Ventilation

NIV or Non Invasive Ventilation has been actively used during the Covid-19 pandemic. NIV's using oxygen treatment hoods for Covid-19 has reduced the need for invasive intubation by 20-40% in Italy alone. This lead to a signifiant decrease in the need for ventilators and reducing mortality rates from Covid-19.

The Health Bank is the Proud and Exclusive Distributor of the SUBSALVE NIV Helmet for the MENASA. 

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A Video from the Manufacturer

What is it used for?

It's an alternative solution more invasive endotracheal intubation, and an effective way to treat Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome and Covid-19 Patients.

The benefits?

Reducing mortality rates, and freeing up ICU beds for patients in a more critical condition.

Is this already being used?

Currently in 30 Hospitals across 10 Countries and counting, during this pandemic.

How it works

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