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Using Mobile Phones

The THB Care App is now available on iOS and Android.

Premium Care At Your Fingertips! ​

Comprehensive care from medical experts whenever you need it, online or in the comfort of your own home. Download the THB Care App for FREE and access your Digital Health Records, Appointment Scheduling, Health Manager services, Member Benefits, and more.

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Personal Health Records

FREE Storage for your Digital Health Records

  • Store and organize all your digital health records securely and FREE.

  • Access anytime and share to your Health provider

  • Uploading of Health records is super easy. Either use your phone camera or upload an existing PDF file from your Mobile Phone.

  • For Desktop users, our user-friendly Patient Portal is also available.

THB Member

Did you know that your Health Manager can organize, clean, and consolidate all your medical records from your past consultations from different clinics and hospitals in UAE and from around the world then make it accessible to the THB Care App?

Become a THB Member now and start taking care of your personal health records.


Vitals and Health Trackers

FREE App for your Vitals and Health Trackers History

  • Log and Track your vitals, sleep, weight, activities, and more.

  • Users can enter the values manually or synch data from their wearables or devices.

  • If you are using a smart watch or other wearables that can be synched to Google Fit or Apple Health, we’ve got you covered.

Did you know

Recording a history of your vitals and health trackers gives the Physician or your Wellness coach a true picture of your health a wellness activity which is important to provide quality care.


Contact your THB Health Manager to get a free assessment and advice.


Health Apps and Devices Integration

  • THB Care is integrated with major Apps such as Google Fit and Apple Health 

  • Integration ready with Omron, Accu-Check, Contour, and THB Health Monitor devices, and more.

There are more than 50 Health Trackers and vitals can be monitored in THB Care. These can be either entered manually or synched through our App-to-Device and App-to-App integration support for both Android and IOS Users. 

WhatsApp Integration Update

Soon – for seamless communication, WhatsApp Integration is on the way for automated notifications, reminders, and support.



  • THB Care app keeps the history of all your past and future consultations. Linked to that is the prescription issued by your General Physician within the platform.

  • Using the Prescription from the App, you can share/show it to get your medication to any of your favorite pharmacies.

  • Your prescription is digitally signed and stamped by a licensed Physician to maintain the authenticity of the document.

Did you know?

For THB Members, you can request your dedicated Health Manager to assist you in processing all your Insurance reimbursements with your Insurance Provider.


Remote Monitoring Program

  • Subscribe to THB’s Remote Monitoring program customized from more than 50 health trackers and vitals for Wellness, Weight loss, chronic care like Diabetes Management, Hypertension, SEHA Care, and more.

  • Receive personalized care, hands-on support, monitoring, nutrition advice, diet planning, health tips, progress reports, and more.

  • Get reminders when it’s time to update your reading and receive notification from your Care Team.

Did you know?

The Remote Monitoring program of THB includes a FREE device depending on the program like a Bluetooth Glucometer for Diabetes Management, Wireless Body Composition Scale for Weight Loss, Health Monitor, etc.

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