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We understand how challenging it is to be at such great distances from aging parents (or relatives and loved ones of any age) with health issues.

Seha Care will give your loved ones access to both continuous healthcare on the phone and regular home visits by healthcare professionals to ensure their health and wellbeing in your absence.


What makes Seha Care stand out even further is that we provide and manage health insurance (via leading insurance partners) to people up to the age of 90. It is usually very challenging to find insurance after the age of 60.

SEHA Care Includes


Health Manager

Schedules appointments, manages health records

Doctor on Phone 24/7

General physician available anywhere anytime

Nurse Visits

Weekly nurse visits and

medical checkups


Doctor Visit

Once a month

Nutritionist Consult

Monthly diet plan

Remote Patient Monitoring

Monitor glucose levels, blood pressure, other vitals

For all enquiries in Canada please call or whatsapp 


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