What is The Health Bank?

The Health Bank (THB) is a global health management company that brings together world-class providers, advanced technology and personalized care coordination to help our members stay healthy.

We are a team of professional, empathetic, and highly knowledgeable individuals who know how best to manage our members’ healthcare and wellness needs. We ensure our members receive unprecedented access to world renowned centers of excellence and top specialists. In addition, we manage every members’ universal electronic health records, which will be available to them 24/7 via a secure care portal and mobile application.

The Health Bank endeavors to be a trusted, unbiased source of health and wellness information for you and your loved ones. We offer our members proactive care by providing gentle reminders, as well as health screening and wellness check-up recommendations. We also schedule appointments, and constantly search for new and innovative wellness offerings.

If you’re not feeling well or have a question regarding medication, we can connect you to a reliable physician over the phone for advice.

The Health Bank’s universal electronic health records put your health data back into your hands. We collate, and digitalize your records, which you have 24/7 access to via our mobile application and our secure online portal. Updated and collated medical records can help reduce errors and unnecessary treatment or testing, minimize delays and improve health outcomes.

Lastly, for members interested in optimizing their health and/or making a lifestyle change for better health, we have our innovative, personalized wellness plans. Using your unique DNA information our preferred partners create a personalized wellness plan for you, and with the support and encouragement from our Care Coordinators, you are sure to succeed.

The Health Bank membership offers you more than just reputable physicians and facilities. Our Care Coordinators act as your personal health assistant, while our universal electronic health records gives you mental peace knowing that no matter where you are in the world the physician that you are seeing knows your medical history. In addition, you can rest assured that no matter where in the world you are, we’re always here to support you, connect you with a physician over the phone, or coordinate urgent medical attention or evacuations.

We understand that trying to retrieve past medical records can be time consuming and labor intensive, that’s why for our Premium Care and Ultimate Care members we take on this responsibility. Upon initiation, you will have to fill out a detailed health history questionnaire and inform us where you have previously received care. We will then contact the facilities and with your signed consent, obtain your past medical records for you. The last step will then be to input that information into your universal electronic health records, so you’ll never have a fragmented and incomplete health record ever again.

Based on your needs, we consult our Nexus and partners to source the appropriate physician. Wherever possible, we provide our members with a choice of providers, so that they can make a well-informed decision based on their own preferences.

If you have a smart phone (iOS or Android) you can download The Health Bank App.

Otherwise, simply contact your Care Coordinator and they will assist you. We can securely share relevant medical information with a provider by email, fax or even over the phone if necessary.

Per our Terms and Conditions, you may terminate your Membership Agreement at any time with a 60-day written notice to The Health Bank. In the event you terminate the Agreement prior to your Anniversary Date, no portion of the Registration Fee or Membership Fee will be refunded to you, and we will retain all such amount.

You will have access to your portal within the notice period of cancellation.

Members can always access their medical records via their care portal online and/or their mobile application to share with their physician. If you would prefer that our Care Coordinator securely shares your medical records with the physician, we may do so with your written consent and ample notice.

We do have home nursing companies on our Nexus, and depending on where your home is, we can refer you to a reputable agency.

Your medical confidentiality is our top priority. All employees at The Health Bank are required to sign a Confidentiality Agreement and each employee is given access to the personal and medical information only on a need to know basis. To ensure our members confidentiality, we also perform routine audits.

The Health Bank has access to world renowned accredited facilities around the world.

The medical field is changing and growing increasingly complex at a more rapid pace than ever before due to technological advances, new discoveries, and pharmacological improvements. With so many new changes, it becomes increasingly difficult for any one doctor to stay on top of it all. Second Opinions are designed to support physicians and patients. The correct diagnosis of a serious illness can be a complex process, since it might need a multi-disciplinary approach. Treatments for serious illnesses are constantly being refined and updated based on new medical research and innovation, therefore, the team that reviews your case may have access to research that other physicians may not be familiar with, that could modify your existing treatment plan and assure you the recommended course forward is based on the latest information and research available.

If you wish to obtain a Second Opinion, a Care Coordinator will work with you to collate all of your pertinent medical records and diagnostics. We will then consult our partners and Nexus to confidently choose which center of excellence should review your records. Once selected, we securely share your medical information and within 7 to 14 days they return a detailed report outlining their findings, rationales, and treatment suggestions.

All of our Care Coordinators are trained and experienced nurses or allied health professionals.

Genetics is the study of how traits such as hair color, eye color and risk for disease are passed, or inherited, from parents to their children. Genetics influence how these inherited traits can be different from person to person.

Your genetic information is called your genetic code, or genome. Your genome is made up of a chemical called deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) and is stored in almost every cell in your body.

Epi-genetics is the way a gene is regulated and expressed, and subsequently how they produce proteins. In order to better understand how the environment you live in or the lifestyle you lead is affecting your genes, we look into epigenetic testing.
Here are a few important points about epigenetics: Epigenetics controls genes
Epigenetics is everywhere
Epigenetics makes us unique
Epigenetics is reversible
For more information, please see:  http://www.whatisepigenetics.com/what-is-epigenetics/

Genes encode the information that make us who we are.
Genetic testing is important in order to understand the blueprint of the body. It can enable clinicians to detect inherited traits, diagnose heritable conditions, determine and quantify the likelihood that a heritable disease will develop, and identify genetic susceptibility to familial disorders.

For more information, please see: http://www.encyclopedia.com/topic/Genetic_Testing.aspx

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