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Discover the Oura Difference

“Try fasting! Do more cardio! Eat kale!”

One-size-fits-all recommendations like these ignore one important truth: everyone is different. What worked for some won’t necessarily work for you. That’s where Oura comes in. With Oura, you will receive personalized sleep, recovery, and activity guidance each day, empowering you to own your own health.

Tailored to You

With each person comes a unique version of “normal”. Rather than form your averages using details like age and weight, Oura gets to know you—providing a personalized set of Sleep, Activity, and Readiness Scores to help you achieve your goals.

Oura understands your normal and lets you know you when something seems off. Whether it’s disrupted sleep after a night out, or decreased readiness after a stressful month at work—Oura keeps you up to date.

Easy to Use

Getting up to speed with your Oura ring won’t take long, and its user-friendly nature will allow you to keep your normal routine.

Sleep Naturally


The Oura ring is one of the smallest and most comfortable ways to monitor your sleep. With no flashing lights or vibrations, Oura maintains its low profile—ensuring you stay sound asleep.

Stick to what you know


Go about your day without having to worry about tightening a strap or packing a charger. Oura’s strong battery life means you can leave the charger at home. It’s also water and temperature resistant.

Use your favorite apps


Oura’s sleep monitoring is unrivaled, but we acknowledge that other tools are awesome when it comes to measuring activity. With Apple Health and Google Fit integrations, you can continue using your favorite workout apps while wearing your Oura ring. 

Happiness starts with health, and health starts with sleep. The better you sleep, the better your body is able to recover from everyday wear and tear. Oura gives you a glimpse into what goes on while you sleep—helping you understand what’s happening on the inside. With Oura’s unique sleep insights, you can begin to measure what matters most and make improvements where you see fit.

What makes Oura different? We acknowledge that everyone is unique. Oura may be in a league of its own, but it’s far from exclusive. Join the Oura Community and experience the difference firsthand.

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Oura Ring

Accuracy Above All

There’s a reason doctors measure your pulse using your finger instead of your wrist. Oura takes a similar approach to the professionals to ensure the utmost accuracy with your insights. Read the points below to better understand our passion for accuracy.

  • Body temperature is crucial: Oura is one of the few wearables that measures your body temperature directly from the surface of your skin. Many wearables don’t track body temperature at all, and others only capture the temperature of your environment, not your body. Body temperature is one of your core vital signs and can reveal a lot about your health.

  • The finger is ideal: Your finger contains many arteries and capillaries, which result in more reliable data than measurements taken from the wrist. A well-fitting ring also prevents outside light from interrupting data collection. To achieve the same level of accuracy, a watch must be worn tightly, which can be quite uncomfortable—especially during sleep.

  • Infrared gives an edge: Oura uses infrared light photoplethysmography (PPG), which penetrates deeper into tissue than the green light LEDs in most wearables. This allows Oura to capture your pulse waveform from the larger arteries in the finger rather than capillaries close to the surface of your wrist.

  • Our work is validated: While Oura is not a medical device, its capabilities are not far behind some of the most advanced medical technologies.

    • Resting heart rate: 99.9% reliability compared to medical-grade electrocardiogram (ECG)

    • Heart rate variability: 98.4% reliability compared to medical-grade ECG

    • Body temperature: Measures changes as small as 0.01 °C

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