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Global Care

Global Care is a membership that provides you teleconsultation with a physician, nurse and personal health manager, in the comfort of your own home.


24/7 Tele-Consult

Access a multilingual team of qualified and registered general practitioners via audio call.  Be at peace knowing a physician is just a phone call away and receive the advice you need 24/7.


Health Manager

A dedicated Health Manager will schedule your appointments, offer reminders, manage insurance and guide you through your care journey. Our compassionate and professional team works within your preferences and requirements.

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Second Medical Opinion

Members have priveleged access and discounted rates, to world-renowned second medical opinions from facilities in the UK, USA, Singapore, and more. Ask your Health Manager for more information.

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Electronic Health Record

Through the Mobile App, members will have access to their previous health data and records, including scans, blood tests, medical notes and more. Records may be uploaded by your Health Manager or directly through your phone.

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Mobile Application
(Coming Soon)

Members will have access to a Mobile App where you can view all your health data, medical appointment history, submit requests to your Health Manager and more.

Service Prices include

Global Care Membership

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